It all started in New Zealand back in 2003 when Aaron Broderick, the founder, went looking for just one bottle that would last a lifetime and keep drinks cool and fresh all day. 

After many failed attempts trying to find a good safe drink bottle, Aaron chose to start manufacturing his own pure stainless steel bottles. In 2005, the first 1,000 bottles were made and they were so clean and fresh to drink from, hence he started the brand “ECOtanka”. 

After designing and manufacturing drink bottles for 14 years, Aaron then looked at how to design and manufacture cups that truly spark joy. 

While living in Queensland Australia in 2018, Aaron was drinking from some stainless steel cup samples he brought back from China, and noticed his drink stayed cold until the last drop, even left unattended for a couple of hours! 

A new brand and new designs were in the making and then ChillMate was formed off the back of ECOtanka. 

ChillMate is a brand owned by ECOtanka Global Limited and manufactured under the same system as all other ECOtanka products.