ChillMate 450ml

ChillMate new 350ml and 450ml double-wall vacuum 304 stainless steel cups have arrived and are available for you to offer to your customers. Keeping your customers' beer cold until the last drop will definitely keep them happy.

Customers that own and use ChillMate cups are so impressed with how long their drinks can stay cold yet the outer layer stays at room temperature to hold with no condensation. Surprising beer-drinking experience compared to drinking from a wet glass.

Moreover, the ChillMate bamboo & stainless steel lids are available to add to the cups which help to keep out unwanted visitors or other air bound particles, and to keep your drink cold even longer!  

New 2L beer growler and CO2 tap and pour system are under development. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020 By Aaron Broderick