Pure 304 (18/8)
Stainless Steel

& Vacuum Insulated

Keeping your drink cold
till the last drop!

ChillMate is focused on providing high-quality high-performance stainless steel products with classic and modern designs using double-walled vacuum insulation technology to keep your drink cold till the last drop, maximizing your enjoyment and joy.  

No more cold cup to hold

Holding a room temperature cup is so much more enjoyable than holding a cold glass for 10 to 20 minutes.

No more wet cup to hold

Holding a cold glass is bad enough, then it condensates and water is dripping all over your hand, onto your clothes, or on the table.

No more warm beer

Having to drink faster just to enjoy a cold beer before it goes warm is stressful and unpleasant.

No more watery drinks

Adding ice cubes to your drink to keep it cold longer normally ends up watering down your drink badly and losing its taste by the time you are finishing.  

Keep your drink safe

Having your own cup these days is not safe and good enough sometimes. By adding the ChillMate bamboo stainless steel lid, you can stop flies, bugs or any unexpected and unwanted things from getting in or polluting your drink.   

Your own cup for life

Having your own cup can have a lot of benefits. Personal hygiene is important by not sharing the same cup with other people and you know how well it has been cleaned and cared for. Less waste by drinking from a stainless steel cup over and over again rather than using and throwing away single-use plastic or paper cups all the time.

Our Custom Services

Experienced - Qualified - Prove History


Co-branding is more suited for small-to-medium-sized businesses for events, corporate gifts, promotional items, etc. Customers' logos will be printed on the existing ChillMate products (with ChillMate logo) which are available in relatively small quantities and will help to keep their names in front of their customers. 

Own Branding

For medium-to-large-sized businesses that want to buy our products in big quantities, in which situation we'll have their logos, their logos only (or as per customers' preferences) lasered on our products during mass production in the manufacturing factories, then the goods will be imported into the country and delivered to their warehouses directly. 

Custom Design

Custom Design is also available for any business that wants to design a totally new product with a unique look and is willing to invest in new toolings for the main production. 

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