add your customized logo on ChillMate-branded products

What are the benefits?

Brand exposure for the life of the product

Your logo will be the dominant logo which will stand out on our products. Our long-lasting and durable stainless steel products will carry your logo everywhere the owner/user of the product takes it. 

Business association to high-quality products

Putting your logo on our high-quality long-lasing products will reflect back to your business as being high quality oriented.

Smaller order quantity requirement

Instead of you having to buy 100+ or 1000+ of units just to get your logo on the product, Chillmate offers co-branding service at a very small minimum order quantity.
This is subject to availability per distrubutor.

Driving new customers to your business

When people are interested in and impressed with ChillMate products, they will very likely be interested in your business as well since it's your logo that they see on them. 

Co-Branding exhibits

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Co-Branding Order Requirements

Laser Logo Printing

Colour Silk-Printing Logo Printing

Minimum quantity required

Logo must be in one colour

Logo must be in one layer

Logo must be in a vector file, .ai, .crd or .eps

Minimum quantity required

Max logo colours 1-4

Logo printing is charged per colour

Logo must be in a vector file, .ai, .crd or .eps

Note: The complexity of your logo will determine the number of colours you can have for the logo printing.