ChillMate 2L Growler

a 6 pack on tap!

The ChillMate 2L Growler is a smooth and classy design that can be used for most drinks, made from 304 pure stainless steel both interior and exterior layers for everyday use.  Super solid construction, this growler has been made to handle some hard knocks and will last a lifetime with the right care.

Perfect size for any job or event. With its 2L volume, the Growler is perfect for holding up to 6x 330ml drinks, A 6 pack without the packaging. Anytime, anywhere.

Temperature.The high quality design and vacuum insulation means, keeping your desired temperature will last longer in a 2 litre growler than a larger one. If you need more volume, it is better to have two or more 2L growlers which also allows you to have more drink flavour options and helps avoid wastage.

Environmental benefit. The environmental impact just one person can have from even a small change is astounding. No printed labels, lids, caps, wasted bottles or packaging entering into landfills or the sea. The Growler reduces the need for these items.

Small details
make a big difference!

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated

The outside surface of the growler will always be at room temperature which makes the growler very comfortable to hold while the vacuumed growler keeps your drink inside cold or hot for a long time.

Pure Stainless Steel

High-quality pure stainless steel on both sides of the growler with no coatings at all. Free from nasty chemicals or toxic contaminants. 

Environmentally Certified

The 2L Growler is 100% environmentally friendly and can be recycled or dissolved back into mother nature.  Filling a growler directly hugely reduces rubbish in landfills caused by product packaging, labels, and a container of some type of material.

Enjoy the moment!

2L Growler Specifications

18/8 304 Stainless Steel

(1.4301), Austenitic steels, contains 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel, FREE from Lead and other contaminants and coatings.

Outside & Inside Thickness

The outside stainless steel material thickness is 0.6mm which gives that extra strength and the inside layer is a little thinner at 0.4mm for a reasonable overall weight. 

Size and Weight

The 2L Growler bottle is 275.5mm +/- 0.01 in height with a top diameter of  60mm and a bottom diameter of 130mm.  The growler weight is 835grams +/- 5g (without the lid)

​​​​​​​& Double-Sealed Lid

The 2L ChillMate Growler lid has been designed for cold liquids, hot liquids, and liquids that contain carbon dioxide (bubbles). It also handles added CO2 to the liquid that adds pressure to the bottle and lid.This is a BIG lid.

The main part of this lid is made from a very strong and thick PP#5 plastic made by a Singapore-based Japanese company. The lid has been designed and manufactured for longevity and all the materials are fully recyclable.

Another important part of the design was the sealing of the lid to the bottle so the bottle can be pressurized with the CO2 to make the liquid come out of the tap. The lid has 2 silicone seals, one at the bottom of the lid and one at the top of the lid giving the bottle double pressure protection. The silicone is made from very high quality German silicone.

The next part was to make the lid to resemble the main bottle look. To accomplish this, 304 stainless steel was added to the top. Then we added 304 stainless steel to the bottom of the lid to avoid the liquid inside the bottle from unnecessarily coming in contact with any plastic.

Finally, we added insulation to the lid. By using plastic in the main lid frame, it stops temperature transfer and by adding the extra insulation filling in the middle of the lid, it makes for the best insulation a bottle can have for your drink.

Tap & Regulator

The ChillMate tap and regulator are of solid quality!

The main lid part is made from 304 stainless steel and has been carved from a block of pure stainless steel to give it a smooth thread, and superior quality providing both strength and solidity.

The top of the lid has two valves. When you go to fill your ChillMate growler, one valve is connected to the filling tap and the other valve is connected to a hose for an overflow. Filling your growler this way gives you a clean fill with next to zero loss or froth overflow.

When in use, the regulator is connected to just one valve, so this makes connection very easy.

The tap is also of the same high quality with polished stainless steel, and fitting into the top side of the main lid. The tap can be easily removed for cleaning.

The regulator is made to a much higher quality standard when benchmarked to the market. It is easily adjustable to suit the pressure you need. Simply thread in your CO2 cartridge to the bottom of the regulator and you are all set to go.
NOTE: 1 x 16 grams CO2 cartridge can last for two full growler fills.

Cover & Handle

To provide the best quality for our customers and to make a product that will last the distance, ChillMate did not fit a handle directly to the growler bottle, due to the handle joint being a weak point which could compromise the vacuum quality of the growler.

Chillmate is working on making a cover that will give protection to the growler and provide a handle for the growler for easier carrying and transportation.

The sample cover you see on the left is made from a canvas type material with the metal zip and a locking button on the other side for security and a very stronge rubber handle.

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